We have been around for a very long time! A Wesleyan Methodist Society was founded in Eastcote by the Revd Dr Adam Clarke in 1824. The Society had no chapel and used to meet in the stables at Haydon Hall where Adam Clarke lived in retirement. He died in 1832 and the Society struggled until a Mrs White made available the land on which the first chapel was built in Field End Road and opened on 8th May 1848.

After the first World War, Eastcote developed quickly in the 1920s and 1930s as part of Metroland and the small, village chapel soon became outdated. In 1935 the Church bought the plot of land where our present church now stands for £750. The new church was due to be built in 1939 but the war intervened, and it was not until 1951 that the first stage, the transept, was opened.

The final scheme was dedicated on 1st October 1960. Extra meeting rooms were added in 1980. When the old chapel was finally demolished in 1962, the land was used to build 2 flats for retired Methodist Ministers.